Sources of Evidence


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Academic Affairs Minutes 10.04.06
Academic Affairs Minutes 12.05.07
Academic Web Resource Outline
Academic Senate Minutes 12.06.07
Academic Senate Minutes 12.04.08
Academic Senate Minutes 1.29.09
Academic Senate Minutes re: Core Competencies
Academic Senate SLO Task Force Report 1.05
Accreditation Approval Letter 2004
Action Expenditure Plan 2008-9
Administrative Affairs Minutes, 1.08.08
Administrative Feedback Form
Administrative Regulations
Administrative Regulation 6200
Administrative Eval. Supervisor Form
Administrative Evaluation Instructions
Annual Goals 2007-2008
Annual Goals 2008-2009
Annual Goals 2009-2010
Annual Top 3 Goals 2009-2010
Art History SLOAC Results
ASCCC Course Outline Paper
Assessment Report-Nursing 200


Dr. Beno - 2008 Visit
Blooms Rubric for SLOs
Board CEO Hiring Proposal 2009
Board of Trustees Actions 1.26.04
Board of Trustees Agenda 5.09.08
Board of Trustees Goals 2008
Board of Trustees Minutes 2.08.08
Board of Trustees Minutes 3.17.08
Board of Trustees Minutes 5.9.08
Board of Trustees Minutes 2.23.09
Board of Trustees Resolution 20
Board of Trustees Website
Board Policy 1200
Board Report 4.18.05 CEO Hiring
Board Report  7.20.09
Board Report-Meas.G  12.09
BOT Conference Attendance
Budget Committee Minutes re: linkage & planning
Business Division Minutes 3.29.07


Campus Computer Inventory 3.09
Campus Profile 2008
Campus Views 2007
Campus Views 2008
Campus Views 2009
Catalog Outline (Library)
Categorical Site Review Document
CCC Core Indicator - Distance Ed. Reports
CCCO Distance Education Fac.Student Satisfaction Survey
CDC Program Review Survey
Certificate Programs - Distance Ed.
Community Profile 2008
CEO Hiring Process 2005
CEO Hiring Process Proposal 2005
Circulation Statistics 9.09
Classified Institute Day 2010
Collaboratives Overview
Collection Development 6.06
Community Meetings/Events List
Computer Lab Support1 IIC-37
Computer Labe Support2 IIC-82
Computer Lab Services
Core Competency Rubric
Course Assessment Report-Biology
Credit Division Fill Rate Report
Critical Eval Web Resources Outline


Leaver Interview Board Eval
Leaver Interview Superintendent
Developmental Skills Lab Focus
Distance Ed. Quality Task Force
Distance Learning
Division Chair Minutes
Division Chair Retreat 2010
DSPS Advisory Committee
DSPS Agenda 4.24.08



Educational Master Plan 1998
Educational Master Plan 2005
EEO Plan 2011
Elumen Pilot Group
Email Gabrielian to Queen 7.6.09
English Lab Stats
Enrollment Management Mtg. Minutes
Entering Students Placement Report 2008-2009
EOP&S Minutes
Equal Employment Opportunity Plan 2008
Executive Committee Minutes re: IPCC
Exempt Costs Comparison




Faculty Evaluation Form 2010
Faculty & Staff Development Plan    2006-2008
Faculty Institute 2010
Final Administrative Evaluation Proposal
Focus Group GED Day Students
Focus Group GED Nite Students
Focus Group Notes



Garfield Continued Funding Requests
Garfield Student Handbook
Garfield Update Report
GASB 45 Document
GCC Catalog 2008-2009
GCC Core Indicators 2009-2010
GCC Enrollment.Retention.Sucess-Distance Ed. Data
GCC Final Technical Report 11.09
GCC Membership List 2009-2010
GCC Public Safety Plan
Glendale News Press-BOT Meeting 12.15.08
Glendale Police Department Letter
GO Bond Finance Report 11.09
Governance Committee Flowchart
Governance Document
Governance Review Survey Results Summary
Governance Survey
Governance Survey Results 2009



HR EEO Plan 2011
HR Evaluation Summary Report 2011
HR Strategic Master Plan
Humanities & Social Sci. Lectures



IDC Agendas
IDC Minutes
IHAC Hiring Request
IHAC Task Force Report
IHAC Timeline/Flowchart
Integrated Planning and Continuous Improvement
IPCC Agendas 2009
IPCC Minutes 2009
IT Program Review 2010
ITS Program Review Survey for Faculty.Staff
ITS Program Review Survey for Students





KaiVac systems



Language Lab
Language Lab Trends2005-2008
Leadership Survey Results 2008
Learning Center Org. Chart
Learning Center SARS Grid
Learning Center STATS by Hours
Learning Center STATS by Days
Learning Center STATS by Semester
Learning Center Students Served
Learning Center Student Survey
Learning Center Survey Results
Learning Support Srvcs. Comp. Labs
Library Collection Copyright Dates
Library Computer Inventory 2009
Library & Learning Resources Tech Plan 2008
Library Organization Chart 2009
Library Services to Faculty fall 2009
Library Statistics 7 Years
Library Survey Results 2007
Library Survey Results 2008
Library Survey Results 2009
Lindsay on Budget Control
Lindsay on Community Events



Management Evaluation Form
Managers Evaluations 11.09
Math Division Minutes SLOACs
Matrix-Board & SMP Goals
Minutes of Meetings
Mission Statement 2008
Mission Statement Draft Review Emails
Mission Statement Email Discussion



Nursing Program Review Report






Physical Sciences Minutes SLOACs
Planning Booklet
Planning Handbook
Program Review Admin Document 2010
PRC Minutes 9.14.10
Program Review Instructional Document 2010
Program Review Student Services Document 2010
Program Review Blank Document
Program Review Committee Minutes
PRC Website
Pre and Post Questionnaire
Program Review Overview
Program Review SLO Page
Proposed Substantive Change-Distance Ed.



Quality in Distance Education "Final" Taskforce Report



RAC Spring Colloquium
Record Maintenance Chart
Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement CSULA
Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement PCC
Reference Manual
Request for Additional Funding
Research & Planning Program Review Report
Research & Planning Validation Report
Research & Planning Website
Resource Request Validation Form


Sample High School Profile Reports
Sample Program Review Report
SLOAC for Music 101
SMP Focused Discussion Groups
SPECC Follow-up English
SPECC Tracking Study 2008
Standard IV Questions 10.08
Statewide Distance Ed. Survey Results 04-05
Strategic Master Plan 03-09-Updated Goals & Strategies 05-06
Strategic Master Plan 2008
Student Affairs Minutes 12.05.07
Student Equity Plan 2005
Student Learning Outcomes & Core Competencies Worksheet
Student Services Cabinet Meeting 8.24.2010
Student Services Cabinet Meeting 9.7.2010
Student Srvcs. Convocation Agendas
Student Srvcs. Managers Meetings
Student Services SLO/SAO Tracking
Student Services Strategic Master Plan 2009-2010

Student Views 2008
Sunset-Enhancement Policy
Survey Results Board Micromanagement



Team A Committees
Team A Minutes 5.12.09
Technical Assistance Request Letter
Technical Assistance "Final Facilitation" Report 11.09
Technical Assistance "Visit" Report 1.09
Technical Services Manual
Title 5 Application 2006
Title 5 Grant Performance Report DOE, 2006
Transfer Center Document
Transfer Center Program Review



Updated Substantive Change -Distance Ed.


Visual & Performing Arts Minutes



Writing Center Evaluation
Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)